The Truthers Podcast is Aaron Jurkiewicz and Nayomi Limon filtering out all the bullshit to give you what you need, not what you want. No... I take that back. We give you what you want too... How about just be glad we're giving you stuff and accept it gracefully. No bitching. 

Being bombarded with the same story repeatedly on your various social network sites is becoming an increasing trend (It's trending!). It's the shit that tops the cake and it takes someone of a certain pallet to withstand the taste of shit and not succumb to it. Like most of us know, the best stuff is underneath. There are no topics that are deemed untouchable. No more will you have to go through your feed to read up on movie news to encounter 13 links talking about the same bullshit movies that only a thirteen year old girl and my neighbor Mike would like (Mike is weird. He likes candy-corn off-season. Like during valentines. Fuck that guy). 

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