Music Obsession #4

Smino is the man right now. I love everything this guy touches.  When he works with Monte Booker, good results happen. This however is from the underrated gem, or maybe just not known enough, blkswn album. A fantastically produced album thats always keeping your attention. I mean, go watch a smino review, the two that are probably out, especially those first listen ones, I bet you they love this damn album. Its so strong. Anita, Father Son Holy Smoke, Netflix and Dusse, Maraca, and Wild Irish Roses, it's hard to say which is the single. Which song is the best. Some great highlights from this debut album. 

Music Obsession #2

This is a band I found out about sometime last year and was totally into them. I did some research to find out if they're coming to my city soon only to find out that they broke up after their one and only album. Talked about being totally bummed out... am I right. At least i can find solace in the fact that this album is amazing. Hope you enjoy. This is WU LYF with the song "We Bros"


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Music Obsession #1

My current obsession over the past couple days has been this song, which, for whatever reason, has found me. I don't even remember how I stumbled onto this song, but i do know it was completely accidental, and it's cool when things like that work out in your favor. Unfortunately I couldn't find any official video to provide so I'll provide the link to buy it on Amazon above the video. Here it is.


Glasser - Tremel (Jamie xx remix)

This dude Joe Faulkner edited some footage to this amazing song, and I figured that maybe that's better then a still image of something. It's at least creative. So to that, I hope you enjoyed this song as much as I did.