Episode 8: Guamillions Balls and Chicken Bone Pies - The Truthers Podcast

In this episode we get to the truth on adult apps that want to scam you, the neutering of Guamanian Pedophiles, a kids-only fight club, and the chicken bone found in my Mcdonald's apple pie. 

Episode 6: Waxed Ass and Lustful Yawns - The Truthers Podcast

In this episode we get to the truth on how much crap is literally in your beard, if displaying ashes is weird, and how much would you pay for a waxing showcase. Sorry for the delay on this episode everyone, there have been a lot of personal issues that got piled on top of each other but we hope to right the ship for some smooth sailing. Also, there is some fan noise but i think you could deal with it.

Episode 5: Dog and Broccoli - The Truthers Podcast

In episode 5 of the Truthers Podcast we get to the truth on the Mexican people getting fooled into eating Man's best friend, the obstacles that have to be overcome in order to pass through the Mexican Border, the love of the people of Mexico but the irrational but kinda rational fear of the place. Plus Jayden Smith gets put in his place! I don't know why I picked on the kid. Don't worry, it's jealousy probably. 


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Episode 4: Bill Gates Brings the Apocalypse

In this episode, we get to the truth on poor struggling artists ( Jay-Z, Kanye West, Beyonce ) who came together to form Tidal, Bill Gates bringing the future of birth control which is going to bring about the apocalypse, plus a sex toy meant to get you pregnant.

Very sorry about the audio in this one, the reason this episode was a little late was because my effort to try and salvage the audio but only so much could be done. We'll try and get it right next time, sorry fellow Truthers, I fucked up.

Episode 3: Angels and Their Genitals

In episode three we get to the truth on how normal the paranormal is, how a succubus can be confused for an angel, the damon/dicaprio disease, and Ted Cruz's traumatic entry to country music.

Episode 2: Compassionate Chewing

Episode 2 is where the Truthers get to the truth on a baby stoner whose dad is wrongfully charged, compassionate chewing, and the void that used to be Hilary Clinton love.